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I have edited the site, FINALLY because i was bored. yes, micro nerds get bored… especially if they are teenagers. WEEEE!!!! sugar… everywhere…

i added the meeting place and times so any person can come along. rest assured, this is somewhat big. Our club was/is never shown anywhere. this was needed greatly. and, being a nerd, i know my way around a few sites. i set this up to show our club on a much more broader sense but, i digress… a lot. :P basically, i am making it easier for the average person to understand our club.

have a wonderful tiny day!

                                     Site Admin - Logan Babcock

George Mason University Mineral Show

This is the first post of this new blog!

This will be held at (duh) George Mason University, headed mostly by Tom and Julia. This is a mineral show with fossils and awesome vendors! Opportunity is abounding!

send me an email at and i can send you a discount (flyer/$1 off) so it will be cheaper!

$5 will be mandatory at the door. but, with coupon, its $4!

-Logan-editor of this tumblr

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